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Eco Hen Loft

recycled plastic hen loft
  • recycled plastic hen loft
  • Eco Hen Loft
  • Eco Hen Loft
  • Eco Hen Loft

Raised Starter Coop 3 larger hens like Warrens or Isa Browns or 4 small Bantams

£238.22 (exc. VAT)
£285.86 (inc. VAT)

Raised Chicken Coop

Covid 19 Update 16/04 We're working safely to government guidelines supplying Hen Coops UK wide.

The Eco Hen Loft is a variation on the poplular Solway Mini Hen Coop. The Eco Hen Loft is made from 100% recycled plastic so will not rot and will prevent the build up of red mites. While we cannot guarantee red mite will not find a home on your hen house the plastic does not allow red mites to penetrate unlike wood. A great starter coop ideal for housing up to 4 birds.

The removable roof combined with the easy clean plastic makes the raised chicken coop childsplay to maintain.

The eco hen loft is up off the ground on legs. These legs are adjustable to suit your desired height. The height of the legs can make the base of your loft anything between 0 - 150mm from the ground.

The external nest boxes make retrieving eggs easy with no need for back breaking crawling into houses. Simply unclip the plastic curl pin, slide back the nest box roof and you have access to the eggs.

The door has an open/ closing mechanism that is hidden when the door is open and the ramp down. This is all attached to the eco hen loft making for easy moving. The locking mechanism simply twists horizontal to lock the door shut. Swivelling the lock vertically means it is hidden underneath the door when it is down.

Your coop like all our hen houses will be fully built on site and will require no further assembly when you get it delivered simply clip the nesting boxes into place and it's ready for your chickens.

The eco hen loft is available in green, red, black or grey. It has two perches with more than enough space for your birds to sit on.

The eco hen loft does not need treating so it is as low maintenance as possible.

The eco hen loft has 447 x 834mm or 0.37 square metres of internal floor space which is ideal for housing for up to 4 birds. The eco loft can be between 800mm and 1000mm in height depending on the height of the adjustable legs. The actual size of the Eco Hen Loft is 1220mm wide (with 2 nest boxes attached) x 1020mm length and weighs approx 25kgs.

We can now add an additional nesting box if you would prefer your coop to have a second nesting box please select the number of nesting boxes from the drop down menu. Idea for upto 4 birds for larger numbers and a similar raised style try the Maxi Loft or Smart Hen House.

Price shown is inclusive of UK mainland delivery.