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Animal Houses

Covid 19 Update 16/04 We're working safely to government guidelines As all of our supply chain is UK based we will not run out of raw materials.

Our eco animal houses are made from 100% recycled plastic making our animal houses almost rot proof, our plastic dog house and eco hen house are popular variatons of the standard animal house. Our eco animal houses are available to buy in four colours. For further information on our eco animal houses click the image or text below of the animal house.

Standard Animal House 4ft x 2.5ft

Weatherproof and Reliable

£181.00 (exc. VAT)
£217.20 (inc. VAT)

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Solway Mini Hen Coop

Perfect Starter Chicken Coop 4 Bantams or Silkies or 3 Larger Hens like Isa Browns.

£231.53 (exc. VAT)
£277.84 (inc. VAT)

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Eco Hen Loft

Raised Starter Coop 3 larger hens like Warrens or Isa Browns or 4 small Bantams

£238.22 (exc. VAT)
£285.86 (inc. VAT)

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HenSafe Automatic Door Opener

Auto Door Opener Suitable For Use With All Solway Hen Housing

£128.66 (exc. VAT)
£154.39 (inc. VAT)

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