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The Solway Recycling Team

The Solway Recycling team is here to meet your every needs. With the majority of our staff having some sort of background in Agriculture we're sure we can answer any type of question you may have.

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Roy Hiddleston

Roy is the founder and Managing Director of Solway Recycling. He established the company over 20 years ago. He designed the bin & liner system so farmer's could recycle their waste with minimal fuss and disruption to the farm. Roy attends the majority of shows and has developed ideas into the products we have on sale today.

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Jim Muir

Jim has been with Solway Recycling for over 10 years now and tends to many things including business development, advertising, sales and runs our CNC router machine. Jim and Roy develop and tweak our products to suit our customers' needs.

Robin Ridley

Robin is our man on the road. He is at every show we attend. When not out and about he is in the office to handle your sales needs. Watch for him popping up at a show near you. Robin is also your go-to man for questions regarding the profiles and plastic lumber.

Kenny Ritchie

Kenny is our transport manager. He's in charge of organising the runs for our drivers and also organises the collection hubs. Waste oil? Speak to Kenny! Kenny and Chris maintain the company website.

Chris Mellon

Chris is in charge of the workshop and warehouse side of the business. He also updates the website and creates our adverts that go out in publications. He maintains our database and stock control system.

Anne Hook

Anne is one our sales advisors. She normally works from a Tuesday to a Thursday and you'll probably hear from her as a reminder for upcoming hubs.

Neil Straiton

Neil is our accounts assistant. He helps Sharon keep everything up to date. Any account queries, give Neil a shout -