Black Plaswood Plastic Wood

Available in rectangular, square or round sections if you require a black recycled plastic wood substitute then we have the profile to suit your project in the very unlikely event that we don't have the right specifications please contact us as we'll have it made for you if your order is large enough.

Rectangular Black Plaswood Profile Options

We offer a varied stock of options to meet the increasing demand for alternative building products the following rectangular profiles are available in black.

All weights below are based on a full 3.1m length.

20 x 100 x 1800L - 3.33kg
30 x 100 x 3100L - 8.13kg
30 x 150 x 3100L - 12.19kg
40 x 100 x 3100L - 10.84kg
50 x 100 x 3100L - 13.54kg
50 x 120 x 3100L - 17.27kg
75 x 150 x 3100L - 30.49kg
75 x 225 x 3100L - 45.71kg

Round Black Plaswood Profile Options

60 dia x 3100L - 7.65kg
80 dia x 3100L - 13.39kg
100 dia x 3100L - 20.25kg
120 dia x 3100L - 30.62kg
200 dia x 1400L - 39.1kg

Square Black Plaswood Profile Options

38 Square x 3100 - 3.91kg
50 Square x 3100 - 6.77kg
60 Square x 3100 - 9.8kg
75 Square x 3100 - 15.5kg
80 Square x 3100 - 17.41kg
100 Square x 3100 - 27.09kg

Other plaswood Options:

We produce a wide range of plaswood profiles here in Dumfries and you can also have grey plaswood or brown plaswood in many shapes.

If you've chosen the right dimensions of your black recycled plastic lumber profile then give the office a call just now on 01387 730666.

All dimensions are subject to a tolerance of 3%