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Waste Oil Collection - The Solway Recycling Network


Dispose of cooking oil vegetable oil and engine oils with our UK wide recycling service full coverage England, Scotland and Wales for any disposal of oil waste. We have recently added a waste vegetable oil collection service to our portfolio minimum collection 80 litres.

We have a long established relationship with the farming community where we have been arranging farm plastic collections for 20 years for over 40,000 farms. For the farmers we work with we have provided the option of a waste oil collection subject to minimum collection volume.

Solway Can Arrange The Following Types Of Waste Oil Disposal


used cooking oil - This is open to schools, restraunts, cafes and any other establishment that may need any vegetable oils removed from their premises free of charge.

waste mineral oil - This is inclusive of red diesel, waste engine oil, hydraulic oil and is open to transport companies, garages and of course the farming community if you have any doubts get in touch we have recently recycled the oil from an air conditioning unit that was powered by a car engine.


Will I Need To Fill In Any Forms To Arrange Collection Of My Waste Oil?


There is no paperwork necessary for you to complete Solway have years of experience and will take all the hastle out of the process for you. In some cases with mineral oils you will need Environment Agency paperwork in place before we can legally move the oil from your premises but we'll take care of that for you.


Arranging Collection Of Waste Oil


There are some minimum criteria for our collection purposes we need a large volume of mineral oil or 80l of vegetable oil to make collection financially viable. We can arrange for storage facilities to be dropped to your site to store your oil free of charge the next time that we are passing. Then when you have the required amount give us a call and we'll arrange for your oil collection.

Click the following link for engine oil collection it will explain more about the process and what details we require to arrange the uplift for you. For any collection of vegetable oil or kitchen oils then contact us to arrange the disposal of vegetable oil. We'll require the following details:

1. Contact Number and Name For Our Driver

2. Full Postal Address

3. Approximate Usage Of Oils

4. Email Address For Paperwork

We'll then schedule the uplift of any oil on site or arrange a suitable sealed container to be dropped off for collection at a suitable time in the future.