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Welcome to Solway Recycling Ltd

Established in 1992 and currently one of the longest and most established waste farm plastic recyclers in the world, Solway Recycling Ltd has unparalleled experience in farm plastics recycling.

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Award Winning Products and Services

Having won 5 major awards for providing a low-cost waste recycling service to over 40,000 farming customers, we at Solway Recycling Ltd turn used farm plastic into new products such as Recycling Bins, Eco Hen Houses, Pig Arks, Stokbord, Calf Pens and Sheep Pens, Benches & Seating and a whole host of innovative recycled plastic products.

New Products And Promotions

Solway's latest lambing products have been a great success.

Have a look and see how easy it is to build our Circular Adopter's and Sheep Pens with our online videos. Also online to veiw our lamb warming box demonstration video.

Check out our Cumbrian plastic collection dates click here for more info on your nearest collection point.

From time to time Solway Recycling have products which don't meet our strict standards. These products are usually sold off at discount prices. The products will always fulfill their purpose but may have cosmetic damage. These products may have been used as display models or may have been taken to a show we have attended. If you'd like to hear when these products become available sign up to our reduced goods newsletter here.

Closed Loop System

Many recycled plastic products go back onto the farms from which agricultural waste has been collected, creating a closed loop both ecologically & physically.

Opening Hours

Solway Recycling is open Monday to Friday 8am -5pm and Sat 8am - 12pm where farmers can drop off free of charge their silage bale wrap, silage pit covers, pp fert and dumpy bags, drums and feed lick buckets. We do have to charge for net wrap and string due to it's high contamination levels.

New Recycling Opportunities

We can now help with the disposal of oil of almost any type mineral or vegetable with our WASTE OIL COLLECTION SERVICE MINIMUM COLLECTION VOLUME REQUIRED. Click the following links to arrange the correct collection of oil.

Minimum collection volumes waste engine oil call for details currently 80l vegetable oil.

For engine oil, red deisel, transmission oil or aviation oil click the link to arrange a engine oil collection.

For fat oil, used kitchen oil, ex chip fat and any other vegetable oil click the link to arrange a vegetable oil collection.


Contact Solway Recycling to find out how we can help you.

Solway Recycling Latest News

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Competition Winners

Our latest competition has had it's first winner Mr John Bewley of Mid Farm, Whittrig has won the 3 bay lamb adopter competition. Have a look at all our adopters click here.

Thieves Target Solway Pens!!!!

Solway has been notified that one of our customers has had thier Solway Lambing Pens stolen from their farm. The thieves actually went into the customers shed and took the pens. If you hear of anyone trying to sell 4 of the Standard Solway Lambing Pens and 2 Lamb Adopters in the Ayrshire area let us know and we'll help the correct authorities with thier investigations.

New Hen Ark Design

Here at Solway we always listen to our customers and take on board what you have to say. That is why we have made some changes to our Solway Hen Ark. Click here to have a look at the new external nesting boxes and easy clean floor.