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Solway Green Energy

Here at Solway Recycling it is a core value that we recycle and reuse. Farm waste to farm energy seems a natural progression. All our agricultural recycled products are based on the ethos of reusing waste farm plastic to produce value in the communities that the plastic was recovered from many farmers have had years of benefits from our sheep pens and other recycled plastic products. Therefore our move into the renewable energy field is a natural progression from what we do already. Our first product offering is suitable in both a domestic or farming setting find out more about the Solway Solar System designed for the Northern European climates in Ireland by UK engineers.

The Solway Eco Product range has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the core of our business being based within the farming community we will keep you up to date with agricultural energy savings and progression in this field. However as our products have found homes in the domestic marketplace we will be looking out also for the needs of individual household.Solway Recycling has formed alliance partnerships in the renewable energy field and we will be able to match your needs to the most cost effective solution based on current technology and grant funding available.

In the farming community we will keep you up to date on all developments in the farm energy field and any changes in legislation. Our alliance partners are constantly working with the planning regulators and we will know what your requirements will be legal for planning if they are in any of these following fields.

For a general overview of the renewable energy sector then look at the about renewable energy section which will give a rundown of some renewable energy types namely biomass, solar energy, wind power, ground heat pumps, anaerobic digestion. There will be more detailed descriptions added for each green energy type case studies and the financial benefits of each type of energy will be highlighted in the case studies.