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Deluxe Hen Shelter 8ft x 9.5ft

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£327.60 (exc. VAT)
£393.12 (inc. VAT)

Chicken Shelter Large 8ft x 9.5ft

As hens spend a great deal of time outdoors this is the ideal product to give them some shade on a hot day, we have a smaller hen shelter available at 8ft x 5ft. Looking for a mor traditional hen house the smart hen house has room to for chickens to shelter underneath.

This hen shelter simply digs slightly into the ground, giving it the required stability, but making it easily movable should the need arise. Thus giving you the flexibility to move your shelter around as required.

This our largest model the deluxe chicken shelter will suit almost every need when fully assembled it is 8ft x 9.5ft which should give enough space for even the most temperamental of chickens to get some shade at the same time.

The deluxe hen shelter price is inclusive of delivery charge